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September Book Review: The E-Ticket


At Genderversity we engage daily in the scientific data and evolutionary engineering that makes men and women different from each other, and how that affects our performance in business. That means read and review a lot of books and research that take us deeper into the understanding of how our biology impacts our work world. That said, as fun as it is, research can get really, really tedious.

To try to get away from some of that tedium, for September we digressed from the heavy-reading to a fictional, fun-filled, thrilling, adventurous, romp, all based on the science we spend so much time studying!

“The E-Ticket” by Lawler Kang, is based on the premise of how different the world could look if global male leaders just had a little bit more estrogen in their biology to tone down the down-sides of testosterone (traits like aggression, and competition at all costs).  Can you imagine Putin, or Trump, or Modi or any other male world leader willingly agreeing to taking estrogen in the interest of world peace? Take a minute and just try to picture it!

But what if “someone” was able to engineer a biological, estrogen-based solution and dose the male world leaders without them knowing?   

A brilliant and exceptionally well-written and documented book (seriously well-documented; we’re talking over 200 footnotes mostly referencing the science behind our biological female/male differences), the novel had us enjoying our “femaleness”.  It also had us wondering whether the author’s “what if” premise could indeed be a real life solution to our global problems.

We at Genderversity give “The E-Ticket” 5/5 stars! It gave us serious Hollywood vibes with so many potential roles for powerful women (we were thinking Meryl Streep for the lead, backed by Angelina Jolie)

Bailey Davall