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Book Review: Gender Medicine

We know that men and women are different. We are aware of all the ahem “obvious” ways (if you know what I mean), but for some reason the implication that there are any differences beyond that is extremely controversial. We addressed it briefly in last month’s book review of Brain Sex, but this month’s book dives deep into the very very real differences that exist between male and female bodies.

Gender Medicine by Marek Glazerman M.D takes us through years of research and studies done on both male and female bodies to determine where exactly our differences lie, and as it turns out, those differences lie everywhere. Just about literally every system we have in our bodies is composed differently. Did you know that men and women exhibit different heart attack symptoms? Or our gut bacteria is different even when fed the exact same diet? That we register pain differently because our brain chemistry is not identical?

Dr. Glazerman (former president of the International Society of Gender Medicine) presents factual studies in concise form, citing dozens of reputable sources for his information, including journals of medicine and clinicians around the globe. Anyone with a basic understanding of human biology would find it an approachable read to learn about what truly differentiates us from the opposite sex. Dr. Glazerman considers gender medicine to be the first step to fully personalized healthcare. Imagine if a doctor could perfectly tailor medicine dosages to you based on your sex, your hormonal makeup, your family history, your lifestyle. Personalized healthcare has to start somewhere, and your chromosomes are a good start.

Overall: 5/5

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