Increased Profitability Through Gender Diversity


We work to advance communication, understanding, and teamwork, through Gender Science.

Services We Offer


Board of directors training and education

We believe the best way to lead your company is by example. Genderversity will work with your Board of Directors to educate, design, implement, and manage diversity and inclusion practices and policies, in order to minimize the liability that can arise from sexual harassment and other discriminatory practices.

One-on-one training

We understand that not everyone is comfortable in facilitated sessions. Maybe you are an introvert, maybe you learn more effectively in a more personal environment, maybe you just want to learn more about the science behind what we do for your own personal benefit. The point is, we get that some would prefer to receive one-on-one training rather than in a large group. Genderversity provides this service for individuals to aid in personal growth, or for companies who want to provide one-on-one training for key employees.

Executive coaching and mentoring

We at Genderversity can work closely with key employees to help develop and refine leadership behaviours that are critical for growth. Coaching and mentoring tends to be one-on-one and helps isolate and train for behaviours that are inhibiting promotion, as well as diversity and inclusion-based training.

keynote addresses

Our keynote speakers are the best of the best. Using the the latest gender science, our keynote addresses use show how diversity can positively impact business. We combine the vast body of gender medicine research with valuable economic data (and a little humour!) to provide top-line results that will kick off your meetings, retreats, conventions, and more!

facilitated group sessions

Our group sessions combine a classroom-style lecture with hands-on application using the highly regarded case-study method, as well as small group team-building and communication exercises. These sessions help to identify and eliminate our unconscious gender biases, teach active communication, and promote an environment that advocates for diversity.

E-training and webinars

Is your international team spread across the globe? Our e-Training and Webinars are available from the comfort of your home or office! Genderversity is running full-force into the 21st century by offering digital training in all of our services, group and one-on-one. We are also working towards compiling a back-catalogue of our videos and media content available for Genderversity subscribers, so stay tuned!